Why is mobile field technology under-utilized in construction?

Why is mobile field technology under-utilized in construction?

by David Strom on December 22, 2016

in Mobile Field Technologies

Though many mobile field-technology options are now available, frequently the solutions have been under-utilized. Viewpoint’s Aiden Dalley spoke recently with Sourceable‘s Steve Hansen about the factors he sees contributing to underutilization:

  • BYOD, meaning the software requires users to bring their own devices, regardless of the operating system, such as IOS, Android, or Windows 10.
  • Off-line capability, or lack thereof, as construction sites don’t always have connectivity. Store and forward capabilities are needed.
  • Inadequate flexibility, which facilitates easy adaptation to each company’s specific field forms and workflows.
  • Sketchy integration with ERP, or enterprise resource planning, which enables data flows with appropriate approval layers and without re-keying.
    Lack of a solid training and implementation program for field workforces.

Read the rest, which includes Dalley’s tips for firms looking to adopt mobile field technology, in the article The Perks of Mobile Field Technology.

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