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Viewpoint’s Lynne Edwards, Marketing Manager, shares her takeaways from this year’s AusRAIL PLUS 2015 Event, November 2015 | Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Doing it smarter. People, Power, Performance was the by-line for AusRAIL Plus 2015 and with the large variety of exhibitors and speakers at this premium industry conference.
• AusRAIL PLUS 2015 was the largest AusRAIL ever hosted for anyone operating in, or looking to do business within the Australian rail sector.
• AusRAIL PLUS attracted around 400 exhibiting organisations including Viewpoint, 900 conference delegates, 120 high level speakers and plenty of networking.

Ausrail Dec 2015
The world’s leading authorities in rail gathered to discuss the latest developments, and hear from government leaders, local and international rail industry executives and academics. It was stressed that Australia must compete with intelligent infrastructure to promote sustainable growth for cities, industries and local jobs.

Each year, Australia’s rail network transports 1.3 billion tonnes of freight and every day 2.3 million passengers use trains, Australia is gaining confidence and turning (back) to rail infrastructure as a realistic alternative to road freight and our love of the private car. “There’s an investment in public transport, and a realisation that cities are growing, and they need to have rail infrastructure,” says Melbourne Metro Chief Executive Andrew Lezala. “In Victoria, we’ve got big metro trains and the Metro Tunnel, in Sydney we will see the light rail construction, work on the new Metro line and the first driverless passenger train in the country, and in Brisbane, we’re about to see the first Public Private Partnership train.”

In the conference centre delegates were addressed by Victorian state and Federal Ministers as well as being offered more than 40 seminars and forums by rail suppliers, industry experts and transport CEOs.

In the exhibition space throughout the day, there was a mixture of dark suits and more relaxed clothing, plus the many company branded shirts of exhibitors.

Delegates and a constant stream of casual visitors strolled through the enormous space and continued to network with highly focused meetings and refreshing of business friendships and partnerships. One quote from a delegate summed it up when he said “I’ve covered 6 months of work in 3 days”.

The event incorporated International exhibitors and delegates from Sweden to China and many industrialised countries in between, with exhibits including:
• Railway transport for passengers – trams & trains, plus freight, safety and security, hi visibility and low emissions, telecommunications and geomapping.Ausrail 2 Dec 2015
• All organisations along the supply chain, bolts, oils, conveyers, sophisticated software, advanced engineering, innovative designs.
• Large well designed stands, many of which required precision engineering just to set up – as evidenced by a slow-motion video of the set-up. Many different models of railway engines – many actually running on tracks – dream toys!

And, importantly – many different hospitality coffee machines & baristas, enabling me to taste test all the roasting brands on offer. Obviously coffee keeps the railways running, or at least the deal-makers.


Contributed by Maria Andrews, Business Development, Viewpoint Australia

Congratulations to Master Builders Australia! The recent event at the Gold Coast was one of the best run events that I have attended.Photo Master Builders

The speakers:
• Alisa Camplin OAM – “The Quest for Excellence” drew on her sporting and corporate experiences while focusing on attitude, her commitment to her ultimate goal, and overcoming adversity. Her journey was inspirational.
• Prof Andrew Harris – “Disruptive Building Technology” was amazing. He examined the impact of rapidly evolving disruptive technology that will impact the building and construction industry, as well as how the industry should prepare for change.

All speakers were excellent. They imparted knowledge, entertainment, and motivation to audiences, and emphasized the message that THEY, the builders, from the small residential/commercial builders to the larger organisations, are the foundation of building a bigger and better Australia.

During the event’s three days, Norm Hebron, Stephen Henderson, and Maria Andrews helped keep the Viewpoint Booth lively. They received lots of interest while networking with the delegates and fellow exhibitors. Norm and Maria attended all of the evening events to ensure the Viewpoint brand was promoted.Masterbuilder logo

Master Builders was generous with their references and comments regarding our sponsorship. They kept the delegates aware of our sponsorship and communicated to the delegates that sponsors like Viewpoint are essential to making these events greatly successful. At the Gala night, a Viewpoint video was featured on the large screen to an audience of over 500 delegates from the industry.

Also honoured on the night were Viewpoint customers Cooper & Oxley Builders, Shape Australia, and Lend Lease, to name but a few.



Here at Viewpoint Construction Software we love collaboration. It’s what we do after all. Our Viewpoint For Project Collaboration product for North America and the 4Projects product used around the world, bring together numerous members of a project team, (which when you total up all users of the system can run into the thousands) and gives them one version of the truth at any given time, regardless of amendments or changes to plans. It gives them a truly collaborative environment in which to work where any user can be fully up to speed on what is happening now without having to filter through past emails, drawings or, heaven forbid, paper based documents that may or may not be the most up to date reference.

On this theme of collaboration, and bringing it into a wider context, what does collaboration really mean? And why is it so important to our working environment?

The well-known “No man is an island” quote from ‘Devotions’ by John Donne rings true here. We all rely on each other for mutual benefit and success and those that deal in isolation will be a weaker unit than one that is made up of many parts, with combined knowledge and expertise.

There are some examples in business of great collaborations, some that even changed the way we live today. Think Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.  Would Apple have become the success it is today without the input and collaboration of both of these figures? We’ll never know but all the evidence suggests it required the perfect blend of Wozniak’s technical skill with Jobs’ marketing genius to make it work initially.

We’ve probably all seen examples of the blockers that exist to collaboration too. And these blockers are usually the result of human nature. How many times have you created work that, just when you have finished it, a colleague informs you that he had a template or existing information that would have saved you half the time it took to complete? Thanks for sharing pal! People are instinctively protective of ‘their reports’, ‘their data’, ‘their area of work’ which suggests that collaboration is not a natural trait in us humans. However if we are to truly succeed in our objectives and produce the best work and outcomes it needs to become second nature.

For me, collaboration essentially means sharing. An informed project team armed with accurate knowledge and detail will surely encounter minimal problems compared to the individuals working in silos who, only when they finally do come together, realize they have been working on incorrect information, duplicating work and generally contributing to a highly inefficient team. If you recognize these traits in your workplace then maybe it’s time to embrace collaborative working amongst your teams and make it the norm. Be your organization’s ‘Collaboration Champion’!

The inspiration for this blog came partly from the preparations for the upcoming Viewpoint User Conference. This in itself is a fantastic example of collaboration in every way with knowledge sharing, networking and communication being key themes of the event and it will be great to see this in practice. I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you there and engaging in what will be an informative and highly collaborative few days!/p>

Adam Page is a Marketing Programmes Manager for 4Projects, a Viewpoint Construction Software company.  Based in the UK he has over 10 years’ experience in a variety of marketing roles in both B2C and B2B environments. His current role sees him responsible for marketing 4Projects in the EMEA regions.


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At the Las Vegas Convention Center next week is the World of Concrete where since 1975 they’ve been the only annual international showcase of the latest and greatest in concrete and masonry. If you’ve never been, it’s the perfect opportunity to see just how vast the industry really is.

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