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ProContractor 3.10 Enhancements

E-mail Paystubs / Save Copy of Payroll Checks and Advices: To enhance efficiency, users will no longer be required to print and mail employee checks.  Users now have the ability to e-mail paystubs or reprint a posted payroll check. Report Changes...

/ October 16, 2017

ProContractor Estimating 3.10 Enhancement

Manage Estimates tab header now displays the Estimate name selected. Previously, the estimate tab name showed “Manage Estimates” for every open estimate.  Now, the displayed tab will be the estimate name.  Hovering over the tab will also display a tooltip...

/ October 16, 2017
Security and data privacy has become a critical component of every part of the construction process.

Security in Your Construction Software

Always a priority of any IT platform, security and data privacy is just as important in the construction industry as they are in banking.

/ September 29, 2017

Increase Profitability with Integrated Software

No one wants to experience profit fade. You want to maximize your profit on every job, and eliminate wasteful practices and spending. Even expenditures like utilities and office expenses can be difficult to track.

/ September 8, 2017
Don’t know your BIM levels or your AIM from your PIM? Our essential glossary lets you harness BIM’s fullest potential.

Essential BIM Terminology

Often just considered 3D design, building information modeling (BIM) also acts as a collaborative work platform. It can improve speed and accuracy, increase efficiency, and set up an overall plan for construction phases.

/ September 6, 2017

Top 5 features your construction CRM should deliver

Recently, Viewpoint’s Henry Ferguson teamed with CRM partner Cosential to tackle the notion of what a CRM does and how CRMs deliver positive ROI in Construction. In harmony with that session we have identified the top five features that a CRM...

/ August 29, 2017