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Bridge design is taken to the next level with cool and crazy structures across the world.

5 Cool Bridges You May Not Have Heard Of

Today’s architects, artists, designers, contractors, and builders are collaborating with cities and planning commissions to create outstanding structures that benefit communities and create planning solutions. To make creative ideas a reality, it’s important that the creative and project management processes...

/ June 14, 2017

Lower costs with integrated construction software

There are numerous places that you are probably losing money, and if you have the ability to look across the organization for detailed information, you can eliminate them.

/ May 26, 2017
how will smart buildings and the internet of things affect construction in 2017?

The Rise of Smart Buildings

  In today’s world, “location, location, location” has been replaced by innovation, innovation, innovation. Technology and construction materials are getting smarter, so it should be no surprise that entire buildings are getting smarter, too.

/ January 24, 2017

Why is mobile field technology under-utilized in construction?

Though many mobile field-technology options are now available, frequently the solutions have been under-utilized. Viewpoint’s Aiden Dalley spoke recently with Sourceable‘s Steve Hansen about the factors he sees contributing to underutilization:

/ December 22, 2016

Top 4 Recruitment Trends for 2014

Workforce shortages combined with an improving economy bring new challenges in recruitment strategy best practices.  With top talent in short supply, new job seeker habits and companies that need people in order to power growth goals – what’s HR leader...

/ May 22, 2014

America’s Roads are Getting Greener

The combined words, “Green Construction,” are now a part of our everyday lexicon. Newly built residential homes raise their profile and their price simply by adding some “green” features – low-flush toilets, recycled wood, solar panels, radiant heating, etc.  Commercial buildings...

/ March 10, 2011