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VFP Enhancements – North America

The release grants wider permission to activate the Multi-File Upload feature. It also delivers on quality and ease-of-use improvements as well as customer reported issues and requests.

2017-1 Product Enhancement Brief

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Our new VFP Desktop makes Viewpoint For Projects’ folders and files accessible on your computer – just like any other network drive in Windows Explorer – for the creation of new documents or for the review, comment or mark-up of existing documents from anywhere at anytime – even when offline. VFP Desktop delivers the ease of a cloud based file share system with the power of Viewpoint For Project’s security, workflows and audit capabilities.


Save time and reduce clicks with drag and drop multi-file browser upload.

Modern User Experience – A simple and easy way to upload documents into Viewpoint For Projects through a web browser. Where previously individual files had to be uploaded one-by-one, the new multi-file upload feature lets you upload a single file or an entire folder while maintaining all meta data related to individual files.

Virus Protection – To protect your database’s integrity, all documents are scanned for malware before being upload to identify unintentional viruses or cryptolockers from less technically savvy subcontractors or project ecosystem collaborators.

No Wait Time – Especially useful during large file uploads, you’re not required to wait on the upload screen until it’s completed. Simply execute an upload and continue with your work. All upload processes will run silently in the background.

Bulk Registration – An efficient registration screen which allows you to assign meta data, such a revision number to individual documents in a user friendly grid.


This release provides enhancements to the Multi-File Upload feature, offers quality and ease-of-use improvements and delivers on customer reported issues and requests.

2016-8 Product Enhancement Brief


A major release delivering a versatile, powerful and productivity enhancing Desktop Application as well as a modern, efficient and simple drag and drop feature for uploading documents through a web browser plus a new login screen.

2016-7 Product Enhancement Brief