Use Viewpoint Field View to collaborate on Defects and Site Instructions in the field and integrate seamlessly back to Jobpac Connect.

We are pleased to announce the second of our Field View Integration Roadmap items is now available! This will allow Defects, Site Instructions & NCR’s captured in the field using Field View on your mobile device, to be immediately visible in Jobpac Connect’s new Defect-SI Register. From there, using the information captured on the Defect or Site Instruction, you can easily…

  • Create Subcontract Variations
  • Create Forecast Cost PMW Items
  • Launch Field View Documents directly from Jobpac
  • Link defects to SC Claims to support the Claim Detail (phase 2)

Together with the recent Field View Time Sheet Integration, the easy flow of data between the Office, Team & Field is more efficient and more accurate than ever. The Integration journey continues with Field PO Requisitions and shared contacts coming soon.

Contact your Viewpoint Account Manager for more information or a demonstration.

Posted by Andrew Tucker