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Replacing your construction equipment can be expensive and time-consuming, but the benefits still far outweigh the costs.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Construction Equipment

Investing in new equipment is really investing in your business, not to mention giving your team the tools to succeed. Upgrading assets improves your company’s efficiency, leads to a reduction in accidents and injuries, and may even contribute to helping...

/ March 21, 2017

World of Concrete 2016

Connecting with the World about Technology: World of Concrete 2016 Contributed by: Greg Fry, Vertical Marketing Manager at Viewpoint Viewpoint had its largest presence ever at World of Concrete 2016. With plenty of interest and traffic at the Technology Pavilion...

/ February 17, 2016

Do you know how to balance your equipment account?

Many contractors see their equipment account as something of a mystery. Do you know how to unscramble and balance your equipment account? In an upcoming webinar hosted by Utility Contractor Magazine, we’ll look at how to develop practical tools that...

/ December 3, 2015

Learn from Customers Series: Streamline Forecasting and WIP Processes

Viewpoint Introduces the “Smart Process’ Webinar Series. This series will offer live discussions with Viewpoint customers on how they tackle challenges and streamline business processes by leveraging technology.   First Live Webinar: Taking the Project Forecasting and WIP Process to...

/ May 21, 2015

Top 6 Issues of Equipment Management

CEO – Doesn’t Just Mean Chief Executive Officer – Join the Live Discussion Viewpoint recently concluded its largest and most successful User Conference in Portland, Oregon where over the course of 3 days, more than 1,200 customers and industry knowledge...

/ October 10, 2014

Contractors in the Field: Apps Improve Responsiveness, Communication

Mobile technology has evolved the expectations of today’s customer when it comes to the service, installation, repair, maintenance or inspection of their critical equipment, infrastructure and facilities. Information and communication is expected before, during and after the service work visit...

/ September 4, 2014