Month: April 2017

In-Product Notifier has arrived!

We are pleased to announce that product alerts and information and  can now be viewed directly from Jobpac Connect. New posts will be clearly visible on the logon and landing pages. Simply click on the link to view the entire...

/ April 30, 2017
Top 10 reasons to use integrated software

Maximized Productivity – Reason 1 of 10 why to use integrated construction software

When everyone is on the same software, everything goes more smoothly, and that means maximized productivity. Teams that work from an array of spreadsheets, older programs and off-the-shelf software can’t communicate via the cloud. Version compatibility is yet another issue.

/ April 25, 2017
Using big data gathered from tech, wearables, and more, construction companies can gain crucial insights into projects.

Big Data for Big Gains in Construction

Big data is the new competitive advantage for construction companies large or small. Every day, data is being produced and shared across all mediums. The term big data is about making sense of all of your data and analyzing it...

/ April 19, 2017

Vista 6.14 – Coming Soon!

Vista 6.14 – Another amazing release for Viewpoint customers.  Details coming soon.  Beta Customers, in the meantime, please consult your release notes or PEB for more details.

/ April 5, 2017
From job costing to quick reporting, web-based software keeps you and your crew flexible, accurate, and efficient

8 Benefits of Using Web-Based Software in Construction

Web-based software has changed the face of the construction industry. It has increased sales and efficiencies, all the while decreasing costs and keeping teams better connected. Large or small, construction jobs can be made easier with the right support system,...

/ April 4, 2017