Month: June 2017

Bridge design is taken to the next level with cool and crazy structures across the world.

5 Cool Bridges You May Not Have Heard Of

Today’s architects, artists, designers, contractors, and builders are collaborating with cities and planning commissions to create outstanding structures that benefit communities and create planning solutions. To make creative ideas a reality, it’s important that the creative and project management processes...

/ June 14, 2017

Integrated construction software enhances communication

Construction businesses are powered by more than tools and muscle. Planning, operational analysis, job reports and ideas for improvements are all vital to the construction process.

/ June 9, 2017
Collaboration on the job results in accountability, flexibility, consistency, clarity, and synergy.

Why Collaboration Is Key in Construction

The most important item in your toolbox is how your team works together. Success in any business depends on how employees work together as a team. Construction is no exception. Technology has been changing the way the construction industry operates,...

/ June 7, 2017

6 Knowledge Base articles published last week!

Don’t forget you can search our growing Knowledge Base on Clearview for operational assistance and “How to” answers. Coming soon to the KB… the latest update of our Payroll EOY Guide. Click here to access the Jobpac Connect Knowledge Base.

/ June 4, 2017