Viewpoint team at NECA 2013Back in the office after a busy couple weeks in Washington, D.C. and Chicago where Viewpoint was exhibiting at the NECA Convention and Solar Power International conference.  2013 marked our third year exhibiting at NECA while this was our first year at Solar Power International, and we were pleased to meet so many new contractors while reconnecting with some long-time Viewpoint customers.  While we met a variety of contractors with varying needs, there was a particularly consistent message at both shows among folks we interacted with:

“We’ve outgrown our software.”

Now I fully understand that construction management software is not a pair of pants that can be simply replaced at your nearest Macy’s.  Whether you’re a small electrical sub or a huge commercial GC, evaluating, selecting and implementing software to manage your construction business can seem a pretty daunting task.  I completely understand your reservations as we have stumbled through our own implementation of a scheduling and project management software program in our marketing department.  However, when we began the process of finding a new system, our workload had grown so substantially that it was becoming difficult to meet existing deadlines, let alone take on new ones. We fully recognized that our current trajectory was unsustainable without the internal tools to effectively and efficiently manage our projects.

We’re nearing the end of a tumultuous year in which the government shutdown for 16 days and the US nearly defaulted on its debt and Miley Cyrus appeared on the VMAs.  Despite these shocks, 2013 has been a good year for construction firms throughout the country and all signs point to another positive year in 2014.  Given this trend, is it time to ask yourself if your firm can continue to move forward without adopting a scalable technology platform?  Because, like a pair of pants that no longer fit, your current software might start to get really uncomfortable.

– Greg Fry is a marketing manager with Viewpoint Construction Software responsible for outbound marketing activities related to Viewpoint’s mobile applications and construction ERP suite in the US and Australia.  Greg holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Colgate University and an MBA from the Thunderbird School for Global Management.  Greg is active in various industry associations, including the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) and the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA).

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