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Ben Wallbank is a Sales Engineer at Viewpoint Construction Software.

Half Full Or Half Empty?

A Response to the whitepaper BIM: What Clients Really Think. When you watch re-runs of Dad’s Army do you believe Private Frazer when he informs the platoon that “we’re doomed” or do you laugh? From my perspective, the UK Construction...

/ April 21, 2016

BIM Level 3 UK Budget Announcement

In case like me at first you missed it, hidden away in the Digital Section[1] of Chancellor George Osborne’s 2016 UK Budget was the following announcement: The Digital Built Britain – Level 3 Building Information Modelling Strategic Plan[2] set out...

/ March 23, 2016

What is COBie?

Last week we looked at why we need COBie. This week I’m going to look at what COBie actually is. COBie is a vehicle for sharing what is predominantly non-graphical data about a facility. It was developed in the US...

/ March 10, 2016

Why We Need COBie

The requirements for BIM Level 2 deliverables are actually pretty simple – the only one that at least at first will be a little bit of a challenge is COBie. So what is COBie and why do we need it?...

/ March 3, 2016

BS1192 Naming Convention

If there was one single place I’d recommend anybody starts when beginning the journey to become 1192 compliant I would recommend the naming convention. The naming convention has been around since 2007 when BS1192 was first released and it sets...

/ February 25, 2016

PAS1192 Process and Workflows within the Common Data Environment (CDE)

Back in 2007 BS1192 set out the processes to be followed within a common data environment (CDE) for collaboratively sharing information. The PAS for 1192-2, the CAP-EX (Construction and Design period) or for PAS1192-3 the OP-EX (the strategic and operational...

/ February 18, 2016