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Why happiness is a clean General Ledger.

For most people, unless you live in the accounting world, talking about the General Ledger might not be the most scintillating of topics, but it’s a pretty important part of your business. The GL is where everything financial in your...

/ April 9, 2012

Are you managing your cash, or does it manage you?

When you have piles of cash, cash management becomes a fun exercise. Apple, for example, is likely enjoying the fact they have nearly $100 Billion in cash reserves they get to figure out how to use. But for most, cash...

/ March 26, 2012

Viewpoint named finalist for Software Company of the Year

TechAmerica Oregon has named Viewpoint Construction Software a finalist for Software Company of the Year for the 2012 Oregon Tech Awards along with Digimarc and Tripwire.

/ March 20, 2012

Taming the construction payroll beast

Payroll is one of those necessary evils of business. And in construction, it can get particularly messy with the diversity and scope of workers needed each with their own union, pay scales and restrictions. Pile on state and local requirements,...

/ March 16, 2012

The Benefit of Meaningful Conversations

By Susan Little, Product Marketing Manager In today’s society where social media rules, it seems that people can’t stop talking about themselves.    Often times technology which is meant to enable conversations like Twitter, LinkedIn or other electronic media actually come...

/ March 12, 2012

Walsh Field Trip Offers Constructive Listening

by Susan Little, Product Marketing Manager According to Tom Peter’s book, “The Little Big Things”, the ROI from listening is higher than from any other single activity. The reason according to Tom is that “listening underpins the commitment to excellence”. ...

/ February 22, 2012