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Show us your projects!

We want to see your projects – your completed buildings, highways and bridges. The ones you’re proud of. We get inspired when we find out about the incredible structures and buildings you’ve built and feel a sense of great accomplishment...

/ August 31, 2010

From Trump to Viewpoint, Bill means business

Wow – how the summer has been flying by! We are now 26 days until the week of the Viewpoint User Conference 2010 and I just can’t believe it! If I am to choose one thing I am most excited...

/ August 19, 2010

On conference textiquette. Or is that Tweetiquette?

The old world would say it’s impolite to text during a presentation. That you should pay attention, and that the conference organizer drives the bus. The new world is much more flexible. It’s really up to you. You as the attendee are...

/ June 3, 2010