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Why we moved from making to integrating construction estimating software

Years ago Viewpoint Construction Software was called Bidtek and made estimating software for construction firms alongside construction accounting software. But along the way, we discovered that there were many, many ways to skin the cat. In fact we had multiple...

/ January 6, 2012

iPads in Construction – A New Reality?

Technology on the go is now a key part of every business. Yes, every business. Even your weekly sanitation worker is checking his email and making sure his direct deposit went through on a smart phone.  Ever glance around an...

/ December 16, 2011

The numbers can lie

You certainly didn’t become an electrical contractor to hone your accounting skills, but if you don’t have a clear picture into your business accounting, there’s a lot you’re missing. For example, you may think you’re profitable because you’ve got invoices...

/ December 12, 2011

Beware (or Accept) the Rogue Project Manager

Software’s up and running, everyone’s engaged in the new workflow and…oh no, say it ain’t so…your project managers have gone rogue. This isn’t unusual, a project manager can be like the rebellious teenager in your family. While everyone else is...

/ December 9, 2011

Financial Planner has Arrived!

Our new Financial Planner module provides complete control over the strategic planning process while delivering collaboration company-wide. Construction leaders are able to analyze critical financial information fast, make better decisions for their business and increase profits. Check out this video!

/ November 18, 2011