We are pleased to announce that numerous exciting enhancements are coming to Vista in the Fall, including significant performance and usability improvements, suggestion box ideas, a new Vista Accounting Work Center, and additional Service Dispatch Board improvements.

Vista 6.15 Enhancement Highlights:

Vista Platform

Paging: To enhance performance and user experience when loading large sets of records, Vista will now optionally load records by displayed page.

Saved Searches: To enhance efficiency and help users manage large sets of records, Vista now has the ability so save searches for future access. These saved searches can be shared with other Vista users.

Background Attachment Uploading: To enhance usability and performance when uploading large numbers of attachments to the database, Vista will now upload the attachments in the background.


Accounting Work Center: This new Accounting Work Center speeds the access to important information.

AP Invoice Validation: To reduce the chance of duplicate AP invoice entry and enhance usability, the invoice validation reference check has been made case insensitive. This enhancement was one of the most requested in Suggestion Box.

GL Trial Balance Report Drilldown: To improve information access from a single point, the GL Trial Balance detail drilldown has been extended from AP to JC and EM cost/revenue entries.

Pay Slip Email Attachments: To help contractors communicate important information to employees, pay slip emails now include the ability to send file attachments. This enhancement was one of the most requested in Suggestion Box.


Dispatch Filters and Search: To help dispatchers more quickly and easily locate service activities, Vista now filters the activities on past, current, and future, as well as searches on multiple criteria, such as tech, customer, and work order.

Maintenance Distribution: To better handle cases where large volumes of equipment maintenance activities cannot be completed in a single month, Vista now has the ability to distribute the maintenance across the year. This feature can also be used to increase your  number of customer touch-points in a year through distributed maintenance activities.

Quotations for Existing Work Orders: Field technicians can now quote new work to an existing work order, helping create a more organized paper trail.

Suggestion Box Items: We encourage customers to use Suggestion Box to submit Vista innovation ideas. In v6.15, we included the following Suggestion Box ideas:

  • Attachment functionality has been added to Service Management PO entries
  • Caller information from the Service Management call handler now flows to the “requested by” section on an SM work order
  • When cancelling a work order, the scope status now remains “open”

Please note, this is a partial list of anticipated functionality. Viewpoint reserves the right to make changes to functionality included in the release for any reason.

Posted by Martin Baker

Martin is the Product Marketing Manager for office products at Viewpoint in Portland.