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Recruitment and Compliance Strategies for 2015

With Baby Boomers continually exiting the workforce and Millennials slated to make up 75% of the workforce by 2030 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics), recruiting in the construction industry is harder than ever. Without the right talent, how will you exceed your customers’ expectations and compete for new projects?

Add to that the changing OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) regulations toward veterans, minorities and individuals with disabilities means federal contractors and even those working on federally assisted projects need to review their recruitment process for accurate compliance and documentation. Contractors have to attract the best talent to deliver the best customer experience while also providing accurate reporting in the event of an audit.

You’re invited to two great webinars in November that will be discussing these topics and offering actionable ideas to help your company stay compliant with OFCCP recruitment regulations and improve your strategy for recruiting the Millennial worker. Sign up for one or both to help improve your recruitment and compliance strategy for 2015.

Understanding Changes in Labor Rules for Federal Contractors

Presented by Engineering News Record Magazine
Learn the fine details of new DOL mandates regarding hiring veterans and disabled employees, disclosure of workplace violations, the higher minimum wage, and compensation secrecy. With a focus on helping the construction industry, this webinar will provide insight about how your company can avoid unintentional, and potentially costly, compliance errors in working on federal and federally-assisted projects.

4 Epic Strategies for Recruiting a Millennial Workforce

Millennials are posed to be the next power generation of workers. Is your company prepared to recruit these workers in a competitive market? Attend this webinar to learn how to; create a social recruiting strategy, reach “on-the-go” millennial candidates, speed time-to-hire using video interviewing and build an online talent community.



Posted by Emma Nollette