Retaining Great Employees: 5 Strategies for Success, By Michelle Stedman, Director of Professional Services, BirdDog

Industry Poised for Growth & Change
In the latest FMI U.S. Construction Industry Talent Development Report, 53% of companies said that they are facing shortages in terms of skilled workers. Of those companies, 93% felt the actual number of skilled workers available was the reason for the shortage.

As the economy recovers and the construction industry works its way through 2015, businesses are faced with new challenges. Many organizations haven’t been proactively recruiting or retaining employees in an organized manner. Understanding 5 strategies to retain top employees will help you preserve the investments that you made in recruiting in the first place.

Retention Strategy #1: Retention Starts with Onboarding
Retaining your best employees starts on their first day. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports that about half of hourly workers resign within the first four months in a position while half of senior outside hires resign within 18 months so you can see why a focus on onboarding is imperative.


Successful onboarding improves job satisfaction, lowers turnover, increases performance levels, reduces stress, and leads to better career effectiveness. Understanding and building an onboarding program around the answers to following questions are a great first step in developing your onboarding strategy:
• What is it that makes a person succeed in your organization?
• What are the norms that can blindside a new hire and isolate them from their colleagues?
• What processes are necessary for them to know?
• What information do they need in order to be successful?

What else do your new employees need to be successful? Start with this list and add to it. To get the rest of the strategies, download 5 TECHNIQUES TO RETAIN EMPLOYEES.



Posted by Emma Nollette