It’s not just a catch phrase, it’s an emerging workforce development strategy. Coined by Dr. Bev Kaye, author of the best-selling book Love ‘em or Lose ‘em, Kaye suggested numerous strategies to help an organization keep its top players on the team. What is your organization’s plan to retain your top talent?

You’re invited to a December webinar that will discuss the topic of employee retention and offer how-to strategies to help you keep that top talent you worked so hard to recruit.

5 Techniques to Retain Top Employees, Presented by Michelle Stedman, Talent Acquisition Strategist, BirdDog

BirdDog LogoWhat is your organization doing to hold on to your top performers? In this emerging economy the skill gaps can be deep and wide. If you don’t have a plan in place to engage and communicate with your best employees, your company and worse yet, your customers, could suffer from the exit of top talent. Attend this educational webinar to learn how to; set expectations and create a successful onboarding program, create a formal and informal feedback process, and help your employee’s create a career path at your company. Register online.


Posted by Emma Nollette