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Episode 11: The Path to Successful Technology Transformations

Technology is booming in the construction industry, but not all contractors are prepared for the rapid-fire pace at which technology is being implemented, nor how to put it to good use. In this episode of A Viewpoint on Construction, we welcome Andrea Wright, CEO and founder of CTP Solutions, LLC. Wright.  Already with a proven track record of helping contractors achieve their technology identities and plan out successful technology strategies, Wright recently formed CTP to help the industry as a whole. In this podcast, Wright discusses how to best shift through the technology minutiae, overcome hesitation and resistance and build out a successful technology strategy. Hear why having a realistic approach to change management is key and why it’s important to show all generations of users the benefits of change.

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Posted by Samantha Biever

Samantha grew up visiting her dad on job sites, which sparked her initial interest in construction. After graduating with honors from George Fox University, she pursued this interest by becoming the Marketing Specialist at Viewpoint where she enjoys being part of a team that is transforming the construction industry.

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