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Episode 7: The Discipline of Effective Construction Compliance Management

Maintaining proper licensing, permits and compliance measures is the bitter pill that every above-board contractor needs to take. This can be a daunting challenge as confusion about different state and local rules, complex filing and reporting procedures and more can easily make contractors’ heads spin. John Beck, director of market strategy at Harbor Compliance joins this episode of A Viewpoint on Construction to discuss the compliance landscape, highlight what contractors — big and small — need to look for and what penalties organizations can face for lack of compliance. Compliance is an absolute must to protect the public from fly-by-night outfits and shoddy work but navigating compliance issues requires due diligence and attention. Beck provides food for thought on how to best approach compliance management.


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Posted by Wayne Newitts

Wayne has been part of the construction industry for years as a engineer and project manager, and now works in marketing and business development for Viewpoint, a leader in construction management software systems.