Last week, Viewpoint’s Tim Gray and FMI’s principal consultant, Gregg Schoppman, led a webinar in conjunction with Utility Contractor Magazine defining and examining the importance of the four “Cs” in construction planning best practices: Climate, Customers, Competitors and Company.

With a record number of attendees for the live event at 193 people, Viewpoint and FMI were excited so many utility contractors were interested in learning more about staying competitive by following construction planning best practices.

During the event Gregg and Tim discussed:

  • What are the four “Cs”?
  • The importance of planning sessions between estimating and operations
  • The impact of change orders in the planning process
  • How behavioral change management impacts construction planning
  • What a normal pre-construction process looks like
  • Steps in a best in class pre-construction process
  • The types of tools pipeline contractors are leveraging to execute the plans and pre-construction process

In addition to the discussion points above, a lively Q&A session was held at the closing with insightful and helpful questions posed by the audience. One stand out question that Gregg Schoppman shed some light on for the audience was, “Have organizations you have worked with been able to see a direct correlation in a reduction of risks by having a lean process in place?” Schoppman responded that pre-construction planning is the one of the most important, and you have to start with a solid foundation. Lean processes absolutely can be attributed to efficiency gains. Efficiency gains equal profitable growth.

If you missed the live webinar event, you can listen to the archived recording here.


Posted by Greg Fry

Greg Fry has been with Viewpoint for six years and currently leads their Demand Generation Marketing Team.