I’d like to begin by wishing you a successful New Year. As we recover from the cold snap across much of the U.S., I see the hot trend with contractors is to continue to leverage technology to gain even greater productivity on jobs and improve their bottom line.

An article in ENR caught my attention in December that took a high level inventory of the technology landscape in our industry. We now have 4G networks to ferry project data around a jobsite, the advance of cloud computing networks to store and process data in the field, and the ubiquity of smarter mobile devices on jobsites. Another trend is having web-friendly project collaboration software that allows project stakeholders to better manage project documents between stakeholders.

As we look to the future – which is today – I’m pleased to share with you we will be featuring Viewpoint For Project Collaboration with BIM (Building Information Management) capabilities at World of Concrete this month. This new solution provides project and BIM collaboration tools, including an easy to use browser-based viewer for 3D BIM models, BIM Manager. BIM Manager’s browser functionality allows any project team member to review and interact with 3D BIM models, ensuring they can access and view current project specifications without the need for significant training or expensive and complicated authoring software.

BIM Manager with 3D BIM Models.

In essence, it provides a single source of information to the project team. And that keeps everyone in the loop at all times – avoiding miscommunication, minimum mistakes and provides a seamless working environment that really works.

We are also planning this year numerous updates in Viewpoint V6 Software, Mobile Field Manager and Construction Imaging that further improves the user experience and provides greater capabilities to increase automation.

Finally, we continually reach out to you to learn how we can better enable you to be successful. One of the many ways we do that is at our User Conference that is held in Portland, OR each fall. I know not everyone is able to attend, however, I thought I’d share a video clip with customers who reflected on what it means to them to partner with us.

Once again, we appreciate serving you and being your partner to enhance current and bring you new products to help improve your bottom line – today.


Posted by Rob Humphreys