Integrate and innovate

We’ve had a great time here at the Viewpoint 2017 Collaborate User Conference, where close to 2,000 people have gathered to network, collaborate, learn, and have fun. At our closing session of the conference, attendees were treated to a sneak peek of what’s to come for Viewpoint.

You’ve seen it throughout the week in your sessions and you’ve heard the rumblings. The integration of technology and software is happening, and Viewpoint is proud to be leading the way. We’re ready to disrupt and transform the construction industry with awesome technology and functionality to make your jobs easier and your companies thrive.

The future of your user experience

As Viewpoint CEO Manolis Kotzabasakis spoke about in his opening keynote speech, the future is about integration. Our new platforms enable integration between office, team, and field for a more holistic view of your company and projects. With the number one goal to deliver your company and project information to you whenever you need it, integration and ease-of-access is paramount.

The future of Viewpoint.

Viewpoint is committed to easy access of information.

Information is the backbone of our industry. McKinsey Global Institute’s recent construction productivity report shows a clear connection between the level of digital technology use and productivity growth. Unlocking information and data in Viewpoint construction software solutions could help improve productivity immensely.

With our new integration empowerment, Vista, Spectrum, Team, and Field platforms will now work together in harmony. Eliminating the need to switch from one to the other, our united accessibility is designed to save time, boost efficiency, increase your bottom line, and improve project management.

Working with partners

Your partners are a direct reflection of your company.

Viewpoint makes it easy to manage your business, and in an effort to make using our solutions simple, you’ll see a new look and feel to your Viewpoint platforms. In addition, our product support will be integrated to get your answers, issues, and inquiries addressed in one session, from one person. As we learned yesterday in the opening keynote, you’re only as strong as the sum of your parts, and here at Viewpoint, we’re constantly working to go above and beyond for our customers.