Construction companies are complex, living, breathing organizations. It takes a variety of construction professionals in specialized roles to complete any project. Every department in a construction company has different needs, different challenges, and they simply do different things. That’s why at this year’s Viewpoint Collaborate 2018 User Conference, we are providing breakout session tracks segmented by role within a construction company.

This means that regardless of the combination of Viewpoint products your company uses, you will find tracks full of information on how to best work with our solutions. These learning opportunities are designed to be relevant to your role within your construction organization. Here is a look at our tracks by role for this year’s conference:

For Project Managers

We’ve put together 63 sessions specific to construction project management. Learn all about to how to better manage your project teams using Viewpoint software. Project managers will learn how to standardize workflows across their projects, dig deeper into project data to analyze progress, extend collaboration and streamline information across entire project teams, tackle change management issues, expedite project completion and much more.

For IT Professionals

We are also offering 53 sessions specific to IT professionals who implement, manage and use Viewpoint products. We will cover everything from driving internal change and leading technology adoption to successful software implementation strategies to setting up and managing workflows throughout the organization to cloud and hosting strategies. This track is designed to allow you — the IT manager — to come away prepared to get even more value out of your software, while reducing headaches and workloads.

For Service, Field and Operations Management

There will be 66 sessions offered for service, field and operations managers. We will offer product deep dives, workflow training within the actual software and more.  Learn how to access more data in the field, while streamlining processes. See the latest forms, templates and technologies you could be using for data collection. Hear how to best manage mobile devices, more efficiently collect time, track materials and manage equipment in the field. And, see how collaborative software solutions are making it easier to work in real time.

For HR and Accounting Professionals

Learn to maximize the value of Viewpoint software solutions for your role in HR or Accounting with 76 sessions, as well as labs and training opportunities designed specifically for HR and accounting professionals. Learn about the latest features to streamline processes like invoicing, financial management, job costing and payroll. Get deep dives into detailed financial reporting and business intelligence tools. See the new kiosks and portals which streamline processes and improve collaboration and data sharing across the organization. Find out how your peers are using the latest tools and best practices to improve recruiting, onboarding, employee management and more.

For Executives

Construction executives can look forward to 38 industry level sessions that will cover the topics relevant to those leading construction companies’ growth and business strategies. Hear the industry trends from experts, learn about the roadmap for future software developments, understand what steps your peers are taking to improve their organization’s productivity and profitability, and much more. There will also be plenty of opportunities to make new connections and contacts in the industry.


No matter what role you play in your construction organization, there are a host of reasons you should attend Viewpoint’s Collaborate 2018 User Conference. We’re certain you will find a wealth of valuable learning opportunities relevant to you, great networking with peers and industry leaders, and will leave excited to leverage technology to further grow your business and turn higher profit margins.

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Posted by Samantha Biever

Samantha grew up visiting her dad on job sites, which sparked her initial interest in construction. After graduating with honors from George Fox University, she pursued this interest by becoming the Marketing Specialist at Viewpoint where she enjoys being part of a team that is transforming the construction industry.