Viewpoint Team can help streamline and store project documentation during project closeout, mitigating risks long after work is complete.

Risk and construction projects go hand in hand. From tracking safety issues and compliance on the jobsite, to ensuring that regulatory and contractual obligations are met, to correctly accounting for all of the job costs, payments and other financial data associated with the project, it’s clear that project managers have their hands full.

And mitigating construction risk doesn’t end once the project is complete. Construction is one of the most litigated industries, and conflicts can arise months, even years after closeout. That’s why it is important all project documents and correspondence be preserved in the event of future litigation or dispute.

Disconnected Systems and Processes Increase Risk

An audit trail of who did what and when, as well as a complete history of correspondence pertaining to individual project documents is often key to successfully defending the organization in the event of a dispute. The use of non-integrated apps and paper-based processes creates complexity for those tasked with collecting and collating project documents when conflicts arise.

Without an integrated document management solution, different versions of necessary documentation could live in different systems, with potentially different data. Aside from the obvious problem of different sets of data potentially leading to critical mistakes during the project, having different sets of data or directions could muddle the facts during any discovery after the fact.

Furthermore, contractors who have a heavy reliance on email as a means of communication will struggle to locate and preserve project correspondence, making it harder as they transition to the next project. This can make providing a complete picture of the truth even more difficult.

Construction Document Management Made Easy

Having a sound document management strategy and the right solution to store, track and pull documents when needed – all from one place – is the key to effectively mitigating construction risk.

Viewpoint Team is a cloud-based solution for collaborative project management that streamlines project documents. And Viewpoint Team’s Closeout feature allows for the easy export of project documents, comments and history for sharing, or for archiving on your corporate network.

In addition to Closeout, Viewpoint Team includes a robust toolset consisting of RFIs, submittals and more. Additionally, Team’s operational reporting capabilities surface job financial information directly from Vista and Spectrum, Viewpoint’s integrated construction management platforms. Viewpoint Team is the solution that contractors have been waiting for: a powerful core toolset for planning, coordinating and exercising control over projects.

Learn more about Viewpoint Team here, or read this informative case study on how Leander Construction transformed its project management with Team.

Posted by Aiden Dalley

  • Darrell Robinson

    The integrated company will only be as up-to-date as the data that is entered. Data that is put aside to be entered later – for example, received checks not deposited or posted right away – can cripple the most tech-savvy firm. Human capital is still as important an investment as tech is.