Dev Day at Viewpoint’s Tech Center Moves Mobile Development Forward 

By Bruce Kenny, Vice President – Product Development
Viewpoint hosted the first ever Portland Xamarin Developer Day and the turnout was impressive – more than any Dev Day before – with over 100 participants. The event was held at Viewpoint’s new Tech Center (1510 SE Water Ave.) and attendees overflowed into the neighboring café space!

Xamarin is the Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) that Viewpoint has selected as the mobile platform of choice. This platform gives us tremendous velocity and consistency of functionality across all three platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows – while maintaining the device specific user experience that is critical for fast user adoption.

You may already be experiencing (or will soon) the power of this partnership. The new ProContractor Mobile solution was built on Xamarin. The Field View expansion onto iOS and Windows is fueled by Xamarin. The soon-to-be-released Viewpoint For Projects Field Share product is also made possible by Xamarin.

Xamarin Dev Day October 2015

As with all our partnerships, this one affirms our stance on choice. Viewpoint’s approach is to ensure that the right tool and technology are used for the work you are doing, such as browser-based solutions for light data input or content viewing and rich client applications for heavy data input and data manipulation.

When it comes to our approach to Mobile solutions, we believe choice is equally important. Viewpoint’s investment in Xamarin and other similar technologies allow us to develop and release our mobile solutions simultaneously on iOS, Android and Windows platforms, so you don’t have to choose one platform over another. Furthermore, our approach ensures that all features and functionality are available on all three platforms in the native user experience of that platform. ..

Mobile is the major area of investment for Viewpoint and this event was a powerful reminder of our opportunity to build compelling mobile solutions for our customers across the globe. We are innovating rapidly and we look forward to bringing these advances to market in the near future.


Posted by Emma Nollette