Walsh Field Trip Offers Constructive Listening

by Susan Little, Product Marketing Manager According to Tom Peter’s book, “The Little Big Things”, the ROI from listening is higher than from any other single activity. The reason according to Tom is that “listening underpins the commitment to excellence”. ...

/ February 22, 2012

Life in Construction


/ February 22, 2012

Construction Accounting Software – so much more than an adding machine, but should be just as easy

Accounting software for construction businesses is probably the most important component of a contractor’s software suite.  While success regarding profitable projects comes from a solid project management solution, it’s the accounting software that ensures the dollars are coming in at...

/ February 14, 2012

Hey, what are you doin’ up there? – A Viewpoint Primer

Viewpoint Construction Software has been in this game an incredibly long time – over 35 years in fact. During those 35 years of working exclusively with the construction industry, we believe we’ve developed the best construction management software available anywhere....

/ February 8, 2012

6 things concrete can teach you about technology

We’ve noticed an increase in both traffic and mood among attendees at the World of Concrete this year. They’re more upbeat and at the show looking for ways to improve the way they run their jobs and businesses. More smaller...

/ January 26, 2012