Welcome to the Cloud.

Get to know Viewpoint Cloud Computing a little better in this short, entertaining video.

/ September 2, 2011

Here’s an RFI for you…What’s your problem?

No, I’m not trying to start something.  Let me explain.  I started in construction when I was pretty young, doing many miscellaneous tasks including cleaning job sites for my brother-in-law.  He would come to me and say, “Jeremy, you need...

/ August 9, 2011

Yes, there IS an app. for that.

I recently traveled around Australia for a couple of weeks and was able to get through my entire trip without using a paper and pen for taking notes.  I used my iPad and a stylus.  Every single customer I visited...

/ August 9, 2011

Construction in the movies

Awhile back I posted a piece on “Songs about Construction” that seemed pretty popular with readers.  Digging up songs about construction was actually rather easy so that got me thinking about movies with a construction theme or scene. This was...

/ July 12, 2011

Ironing the wrinkles out of an enterprise software implementation

As the guy who “writes stuff” for Viewpoint Construction Software, I’m often pulled into interviews with customers who have recently completed a software implementation. The point is to gain insight into what made their software implementation a success so that...

/ July 8, 2011

Business Intelligence is for everyone

Last month, I went down to Philadelphia, Mississippi to see one of Viewpoint’s oldest and largest clients. In the product management role, I don’t think there is anything more fun than going a seeing a great customer and working collaboratively...

/ July 6, 2011