ProContractor Accounting is an integrated accounting solution that includes applications for managing financials, employees and payroll, procurement and inventory, as well as accounts payable and receivables.

With this release, the following enhancements are now available:

Batch Close Projects To save time and reduce the number of steps required to close projects, ProContractor now provides the ability to select multiple projects and mark them as inactive or complete.

Prevent Future Posting- In order to help protect the reliability of your accounting processes when entering any accounting date that is more than a specific number of days in the future you can require a password to be entered.

Vendor Compliance View- To assist users to more quickly review information including expiration dates for Vendor Compliance. Now in ProContractor you can add a new view to show the compliance fields for vendors, for example a field shown might include helpful vendor insurance information.

Ability to Monitor Users- This enhancement was a popularly requested suggestion box item designed to help you better manage your ProContractor licenses. Providing a new screen to show the users who are logged into ProContractor at any given time. This was requested as a way to see which users are in the software if there is a license shortage issue.

Select Multiple Invoices to Pay- To make it easier for users to view the invoices needed to help manage their payables, now you have the ability to filter the invoice selection screen by selecting multiple vendors at once.

View Invoice on Hold- Now in ProContractor you have greater visibility to view invoices on hold during the select invoice to pay process.

Delete AP Invoices- To help user’s properly clear invoices now users have the ability to delete an AP invoice and reuse that invoice number in the future.

Payroll Checks Dates- Now to easily give employees information they need when referencing their payroll checks, the pay period beginning and end dates appear on payroll checks and direct deposits.

Equipment Status Reports- To help view the status of equipment for a particular time period when running an equipment status report you can now filter it to a specific desired date.

Added Security Measures- Security Improvements have been made to improve ProContractor’s security settings in an effort to prevent check fraud for your company. Asterisks now print before the written check amount at the top of check stubs and before the Regular Earnings amount shown in the Earnings box on the check stub.


New features and enhancements to the Estimating module in ProContractor 3.12.1 include the following:

Bid Stage- To help better keep your bid stages organized, when creating a bid you can now add Bid stage or status to the field chooser.

Posted by Martin Baker

Martin is the Product Marketing Manager for office products at Viewpoint in Portland.