This season is a great reminder to stop and think about the things in our lives to be thankful for – which is a lot! While there are always things in our personal lives that make us feel grateful, we asked our amazing clients to share what they are the most thankful for in their professional lives. We were blown away by the responses we received and wanted to share a few of our favorites:

“I am thankful that the company I work for treats its employees with respect-doing its best to make sure everyone and their families are well taken care of. It has created an excellent environment to work in and an amazing group of employees” — Scott from Buist Electric


“I am thankful for the opportunities my company has given me. This includes position changes and the wonderful trip to Portland [for Viewpoint’s Collaborate user conference]!” — Allison from Northeast Remsco Construction

“I have been with Scott Builders for approximately 20 years and have seen huge changes, not only in the company, but the industry. I am thankful for management’s ability to see the benefits that come from expanding into software programs that make everyone’s life easier!” — Bette from Scott Builders


“I am thankful that my company encourages lifelong learning and helps pay for my schooling so that I can better myself and the company in the future!” — Jill from AZCO INC.


“I am 66 years young. On the 2nd of January of 2018, Vista became my new challenge as we went live. So I am thankful for the desire and opportunity to learn this entire software so that I can continue to guide and teach my team. Thankful for my team as we all learned together. We did our first payroll that 2nd day of January

Our new software is the bomb! With patience and perseverance, we are almost one year into the program and ready to teach other service management users. Did I mention the owner of our company is 80 years young? We have held hands and learned together so I am grateful for him as well. Enjoy the ‘Season of Thankfulness and Learning.’” — Sam from Taylor Plumbing


“I am thankful for the ever-changing construction industry because it keeps me coming back day after day. Never a dull moment and always learning!” — Tammy from Berghammer Construction


“I am thankful for the communication between the field and the office.”— Lori from Wm. D. Scepaniak, Inc.


“I am thankful that the owner of our company who is willing to invest in the technology necessary to stay on the cutting edge of our industry.” — Robert from ATC Development


“I am thankful that our company gives employees the opportunity to be creative and use our minds to develop solutions that fit our needs.” — Steve from Corval Group


“I am thankful for the opportunity in this industry and with my company (HVAC) to work with a group of people that truly care about building or making something for our customer’s living comfort. They have a lot of pride in what they make/build and are forever interested in how to best to serve the customer’s needs. As a financial person, I have to, on occasion, remind these awesome people to keep the whole ‘maximize profits’ thought process in mind because they are so wrapped up in getting things perfect for the customer.  We want to get it perfect and make a maximum profit to the best of our abilities.” — Tim from Rogers & Sons, Inc.


“I am thankful that the owners of my company have embraced technology and are not afraid to spend money for software that makes our day-to-day operations run more smoothly.” — Marc from Collins Electrical Company, Inc.


“I am thankful to work for a company that really truly cares about their employees.” — Melanie from Corporate Contractors, Inc.


We were thrilled to hear all the things our clients are thankful for in their jobs and we’re reminded how much our clients love what they do! We’re thankful to have such amazing, passionate, innovative and expressive clients, as it makes what we do here at Viewpoint all the more worthwhile.

Hopefully reading this post has reminded you to give thanks for the many great things in life – both personally and professionally.

From all of us at Viewpoint, have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Samantha Biever

Samantha grew up visiting her dad on job sites, which sparked her initial interest in construction. After graduating with honors from George Fox University, she pursued this interest by becoming the Marketing Specialist at Viewpoint where she enjoys being part of a team that is transforming the construction industry.