It often takes bold decisions to be successful, to get noticed and to make an impact. Five years ago, Viewpoint’s leadership led by owner/CEO Jay Haladay, decided to get bold and take steps to grow and enhance the product portfolio while maintaining the culture that makes Viewpoint so supportive to our customers.

Bold Re-investments

First, money was reinvested in the company to enhance the features and functionality of our core ERP suite which was re launched as Viewpoint V6 Software. The new enhancements were based on feedback from customers and would require Viewpoint to aggressively expand its development team. With the positive response to V6 came a need to expand other departments – so marketing, support and implementation saw a large influx of talent increasing our total staff from around 75 people to over 500 worldwide!

Bold Moves

As Jay Haladay has been heard to say from time to time, “You’re either growing or dying,” so in the spirit of that message it was time to take bold steps into the international construction market. In the past five years, Viewpoint offices have opened up around the globe including Australia, England, Canada and our east coast office in Charlotte, NC. Viewpoint continues to look at locations all over the world for rapidly developing construction markets ready for the benefits of construction-specific technologies.

Bold Expansion

When it comes to technology, there’s no time to sit still. The requirements of construction companies and the speed of ‘what’s possible’ these days is mind numbing. Viewpoint is focused on addressing the “what’s next” by boldly acquiring companies that have a proven record of delivering the best products in their field. Viewpoint added a mobile field solution, a robust content management system and a highly promoted collaboration software solution over the past 5 years – all designed to address our customer’s needs and anticipate what they’ll need next.

Bold Color

Sure, these are all bold moves to take place in the short timeframe of 5 years. However, perhaps the boldest thing Viewpoint has done over the last few years is put our company’s leadership in the eye-popping pink shirts you’ve been seeing at tradeshows this year. We decided that 5 years of bold decisions deserve a bold statement. So here we are in all our pink glory!

So what bold things has your company done lately?





Posted by Jason Burg