Book your STP transition early and let us help you with a smooth start to your new financial year.

The ATO announced on 11th March that all employers should report through STP commencing 1st July 2019. The good news is that Jobpac Connect is “STP ready” and we can help you with a smooth transition. Read on for recommended, tried and tested, transition steps. We recommend you book assistance early to reserve your place in the busy year end period.

Jobpac Connect STP Is ready for you 

80 plus Jobpac Connect customers have already successfully transitioned to STP following the tried and tested transition process below, and are now submitting every payday directly to the ATO using Jobpac Connect web services technology.

Payroll, perhaps unfairly, is not known to be the most glamorous module, let’s admit it, but if there is anything that can make Payroll exciting again then it is this piece of technology. Make no mistake this is some really cutting edge stuff, using web services to transmit data securely to the ATO, seamlessly through a Sending Service Provider with near real-time status updates as the submission moves through to ATO approval. As with all good design, what may be hugely complex under the covers, to the Jobpac Connect customer the complexity is invisible and STP submissions are handled simply, and entirely within the Jobpac Connect product.

Transition is easy, we have documented the process and will support you throughout transition.

Viewpoint has completed an agreement with OZEDI, a compatible Sending Service Provider (SSP), and a Viewpoint branded customer portal is available to accept your OZEDI Registration now (Details below on how to register with OZEDI.) Sending Service Providers are required for STP API transmition and our consultants can tell you more.

Transition to STP

It is a fairly simple process to transition to STP with Jobpac Connect but you will need to book time with us when you are ready to commence. Jobpac technicians will need to activate web services in your environment and we will assign a Jobpac Consultant to ensure you understand documentation and data preparation requirements before you begin. We will also support you through your first submissions to ensure the smoothest transition possible. We anticipate that the full Transition process will require up to 4 hours of consulting but may vary and you should allow for this in your budget.

To initiate your STP transition please log a Clearview Customer Service Request with ‘STP Transition’ as the subject, and we will be in touch with you to book your transition time slot. Let us guide you through every step from that point.

Transition steps will include…

  1. Customer to log a Clearview Customer Service Request with ‘STP Transition’ as the subject.
  2. Viewpoint will be in touch to book your time slot and ensure you have the latest documentation.
  3. Viewpoint will activate STP Web Services in your environment.
  4. Viewpoint will schedule a Webex with you to assist you with data preparation and system setup.
  5. Customer will prepare their data in readiness for STP Go-Live.
  6. Viewpoint will check your data preparation.
  7. Viewpoint will book a secondary Webex with you to assist with first STP Submission and support STP go-live

OZEDI Registration Process

You will need to register with OZEDI prior to your first STP Submission. You can learn more about OZEDI the company here:  OZEDI charges a small fee for data handling and you can buy data in blocks directly from OZEDI.

You can download a copy of the OZEDI Registration Guide by clicking here…OZEDI Registration User Guide V1.3

You can register with OZEDI on a Viewpoint branded registration page now by clicking here… Register with OZEDI for Jobpac STP  (Note: It is advised to register ONE Client Code and use multiple ABN’s within that client if required. See the Jobpac STP Reference Guide for more information or seek advice from your Jobpac Consultant during the transition process.)

Again, If you would prefer us to walk you through this step and make it easy. Just log your request and wait for us to guide you through.

Other Documents

The Jobpac Connect STP Reference Guide will be distributed when you book your transition and published on Clearview shortly.

Click here to download the Single Touch Payroll Information Pack from the ATO.

Thank you

Andrew Tucker

Posted by Andrew Tucker

Andrew has worked in construction software since 1997, with increasing responsibility leading up to his current role as Viewpoint’s Product Manager for the Asia Pacific region. When he’s not finishing work on his hand-built home in the Hunter Valley, he’s helping contractors large and small implement ERP, project management, and field mobility software that allows them to grow their businesses exponentially.