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Using big data gathered from tech, wearables, and more, construction companies can gain crucial insights into projects.

Big Data for Big Gains in Construction

Big data is the new competitive advantage for construction companies large or small. Every day, data is being produced and shared across all mediums. The term big data is about making sense of all of your data and analyzing it...

/ April 19, 2017

Viewpoint Customers share insight with Onsite Magazine Editor, Corinne Lynds

Viewpoint Construction Software produced a 2014 technology survey that was sent to Onsite Magazine Subscribers, Construction Business Owner Magazine Subscribers, and members of the Associated Builders and Contractors in June. Compiled by Viewpoint Construction Software, the Construction Technology Survey is...

/ November 4, 2014

Developing New Software – The Long View

Delivering new software to market in an ever-changing and agile world is a dynamic and often multi-year effort. That’s why it’s important to take the long view. At Viewpoint we believe there are three important components necessary in creating a...

/ October 22, 2014

Contractors in the Field: Apps Improve Responsiveness, Communication

Mobile technology has evolved the expectations of today’s customer when it comes to the service, installation, repair, maintenance or inspection of their critical equipment, infrastructure and facilities. Information and communication is expected before, during and after the service work visit...

/ September 4, 2014

2014 Construction Focus: Building and Acquiring Strong Employee Talent

by Michelle Stedman Director of Talent Acquisition BirdDog It may have been colder than Mars outside earlier this month, but in 2014 the hot trend is going to be a focus on the employee and building a strong talent acquisition...

/ January 16, 2014

Adopting a scalable construction technology platform – if not now, when?

Back in the office after a busy couple weeks in Washington, D.C. and Chicago where Viewpoint was exhibiting at the NECA Convention and Solar Power International conference.  2013 marked our third year exhibiting at NECA while this was our first...

/ November 5, 2013