Tag: Construction Technology

World of Concrete is coming!

Have you been yet? It is a cornucopia of heavy/highway industry information along with more “stuff” than any one person has time to see (although Vegas never sleeps – maybe there is time)! 40,000 square feet of masonry-specific products, repair...

/ January 6, 2011

Better Productivity through Technology

With tighter budgets these days and an eye on what the economy might do next, contractors everywhere are focused on ensuring maximum levels of productivity. Working longer hours at a faster pace is reactive and ultimately leads to burned out...

/ July 6, 2010

Software is not the only cool thing happening technology-wise in the construction space

As developers of integrated software for the construction industry, we’re kind of nerdy to a fault. The latest gadgets, applications and techno-innovations get folks pretty excited around here. And yes, we love robots too. However, software is not the only...

/ April 21, 2010