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STP Latest 2018-07-20 , STP Deferral, EOY Payroll Process, Tax changes for FY18/19

Read on for the latest STP updates, STP Deferral Information and New EOY Payroll Articles. Payroll EOY  Use the following links to access the latest KB articles on Clearview for EOY Payroll Process and for New Tax Changes for FY 2018/19 Jobpac...

/ June 27, 2018

Latest STP Update 2018-06-22 Including Deferral Reference

Read on for the latest STP updates including a status update on STP Features and Deferral Information. Jobpac Connect STP Functionality – Status Update Work on Viewpoints’ Jobpac Connect payroll STP feature is nearly complete.  Jobpac Connect has received its...

/ June 21, 2018
Viewpoint Jobpac Connect

Important Information Regarding STP Updated 2018-05-24

Read on for the latest STP updates including how to prepare for STP, contingency planning, support information and timelines. Starting July 1st 2018, employers with 20 or more employees will be required to report their employees’ salaries and wages, allowances,...

/ April 2, 2018
Australia / New Zealand

Jobpac and Field View, Better Together Webinar – Register Here!

Learn how Viewpoint’s tightly integrated ERP and project collaboration ecosystem allow you to share data captured in the field directly with Jobpac Connect in real time (Sep 27 12:00 PM). Click here to register for Jobpac Connect and Field View...

/ September 10, 2017