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Top 10 reasons to use integrated software

Maximized Productivity – Reason 1 of 10 why to use integrated construction software

When everyone is on the same software, everything goes more smoothly, and that means maximized productivity. Teams that work from an array of spreadsheets, older programs and off-the-shelf software can’t communicate via the cloud. Version compatibility is yet another issue.

/ April 25, 2017

Productivity in Construction

The Pit and the Pendulum, a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, has many interpretations – as well as interesting quotes like “But what torture awaits me now?” Yet one message to be derived universally from the story is this:...

/ May 7, 2015

BIM – What’s in it for you?

You’ve heard the buzz, but are you in the know? Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been discussed, analyzed and debated in the construction industry for years now. The analysis and discussion are turning into action and the adoption of BIM...

/ May 14, 2014

World of Concrete 2014

I was recently reading the 2014 Market Survey completed by FMI Corporation and while a lot of the survey confirmed most of what we already knew, aging population is driving healthcare cost and in 2014 we will see a rise...

/ January 27, 2014

The Future is Today

I’d like to begin by wishing you a successful New Year. As we recover from the cold snap across much of the U.S., I see the hot trend with contractors is to continue to leverage technology to gain even greater...

/ January 20, 2014

Giving back to the communities we love

Community is a big part of what makes Viewpoint successful. Our company community is built on respectfulness, inclusion and a vibrant, collaborative culture. These traits are the supports, beams and spans of the bridge to the community we share with...

/ December 26, 2013