Contributed by Greg Fry, Marketing Manager at Viewpoint

There is much wisdom in the quote, “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Considering that technology is ever-evolving, making the journey an ongoing (and hopefully worthwhile) one, why are so many contractors hesitating to take that first important step when it comes to BIM?

That question begs another: BIM, how hard can it be? That was the subject of a recent webinar led by Viewpoint Sales Engineer Ben Wallbank. BIM is one of the most disruptive technological changes impacting the construction industry. Its merits include schedule compression, cost and RFI reduction, and safety improvement, which have been demonstrated on a number of projects. However, widespread adoption of BIM in the U.S. has yet to be fully realized. Adapting your organization’s standards and processes along with utilizing BIM is key to achieving better project outcomes and delivering a quality asset to your customers.

Webinar attendees shared some interesting feedback, for example, where they perceive the most value can be derived by implementing BIM, and Cost Reduction led the results:

You can watch the recorded webinar of “BIM: How Hard Can It Be?” now – click here.

Posted by Emma Nollette