Contributed by Jon Wandrei, Director, Construction and Corporate Payments with EFS

For many contractors, regardless of business type, managing payables and job costing expenses can be time consuming and cumbersome if you don’t have the appropriate tools in place to help track and control expenses and pay your vendors with ease. Viewpoint customers can leverage the integration partnership with Electronic Funds Source (EFS) to help manage expenses and control purchasing with its single-card platform.

This integration with EFS allows every customer easy access to this robust EFS Construction Financial Services purchasing program which leverages the MasterCard® network. For improved control, EFS’s MasterCard® program, designed specifically for contractors, enables better efficiencies in managing fuel and company expenses on a single, consolidated platform. You can set purchasing limits by category and make changes to purchasing ability online as needed, 24/7.

Viewpoint V6 Software customers can also simplify the accounts payable process and increase efficiencies with expense reporting through the EFS Construction Financial Services electronic accounts payable and expense reporting tools. This seamless integration makes it easy to securely pay your vendors directly within Viewpoint’s V6 Software. Automation will allow customers to export and upload job information to EFS’s electronic expense reporting tool enabling you to better control costs, enhance spend visibility and streamline expense reconciliation.

TChek is now EFS

To learn how to enable the EFS Construction Financial Services purchasing and/or expense reporting program through your Viewpoint V6 Software, contact Jon Wandrei at Electronic Funds Source, or call 612.229.8611. For more information on Electronic Funds Source,


Posted by Emma Nollette