We know many of you reading this are working hard on your processes for delivering COBie ahead of the 2016 mandate; if you’re not, you probably should be thinking about it!

The ability for your business to prove competence in this key area of Level 2 BIM will be questioned early in 2016, and you may lose out on work if you can’t. This requirement will also be getting tighter in October 2016 when all centrally funded projects must be able to digitally validate COBie submissions.

Viewpoint recognizes the challenges in meeting these requirements and as we have discussed in Ben’s Blog over the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard to make the transition easier for our customers. In the latest Viewpoint For Project release, we have developed a COBie RAG Reporter (Red Amber Green) feature included in the Viewpoint For Projects BIM Homepage. This quickly runs the configured COBie requirements over each building information model and COBie spreadsheet and tells you where the errors are in the submission against the next information exchange point in red, as well as highlighting the data which will be required by the end of the project in amber.

Whether you rectify the data errors back in the source model, in a desktop spreadsheet editor like Microsoft Excel, or in our web based COBie editor, you can run the RAG Reporter as many times as you need to until you see the green tick confirming you have achieved the correct level of validated data. Once you’ve completed your self-validation you can submit your work with confidence. We believe you shouldn’t need a PhD, to deliver COBie and we’re working hard to make this a reality; Viewpoint can help.

A ‘Viewpoint For Projects’ RAG report.

A ‘Viewpoint For Projects’ RAG report.

Posted by Ben Wallbank

Ben Wallbank is a Sales Engineer at Viewpoint Construction Software.