Guest post by John Adams, Product Manager for BIM at Viewpoint

Those of you paying attention will have noticed the BIM Mandate got a hardening layer at the ICE BIM event in London a couple of weeks ago. Not only will projects not get funded unless they have defined their EIRs for Level 2 BIM by April 4th 2016, but those procuring will have to prove they can “electronically validate BIM data from their supply chains” by October.

This means that by this time next year not only will the ability to deliver COBie be essential, but those procuring data will be checking it; it really is time to decide how your business is going to work with COBie to confidently deliver data your clients won’t find errors in. Whether that means contributing, delivering or checking data to your business or even some of each – you can’t ignore COBie anymore.

Here at Viewpoint we’ve known this has been coming for a long time, and have watched with excitement as industry practices transform from analogue to digital. We have worked tirelessly to make sure our customers have the tools to ensure the ‘define, monitor, validate, record’ cycle for COBie data can be achieved.

A key milestone for us was the recent delivery of our new COBie database into the BIM Manager module. In the first instance you’ll notice it’s much quicker, three times quicker in fact which we’re sure you’ll agree is a great improvement, but this wasn’t the reason we took on what has been an enormous project for us.

The key reason was COBie is big data. A single COBie workbook can be large but not huge. However, over the course of a project it evolves through revisions, design changes, subcontractor design acceptance and many other construction processes, keeping this data flowing and recording every intervention takes the data from large to firmly in the huge kind. Then multiply huge datasets by the number of assets a massive client like a central government department has to maintain; huge to the power of massive. So when we say big data, we really mean it – so now’s the time to choose Viewpoint For Projects to get you ready for COBie.

Big Data

Posted by Ben Wallbank

Ben Wallbank is a Sales Engineer at Viewpoint Construction Software.