At last week’s Construction Computing Awards we found out we’ve won the Collaboration Software of the Year award for seven successive years as well as Mobile Product of the Year award for Field View.

People always ask us what the secret of our success is and our answer is always the same: you.

We owe all of our success to you. As the makers of collaboration software how could we do it alone?

You are the builders, the designers, the dreamers, the schemers, the grafters, the makers, the pioneers, the innovators, the experts, the hands, head, heart and soul of this great industry we call construction.

Construction never stands still.

You want to build better and so do we.

The scale, ambition and complexity of today’s engineering and construction projects are nothing short of breath-taking.

The fact construction never stands still, means you never stand still and neither will we.

We constantly ask, investigate and analyse how you are using Viewpoint to figure out how we can improve it.

However, the answers to making our product better are within you, how you are using it and constantly demanding more from it to improve the delivery of projects.

You are why we exist. And that’s why we’ve made Viewpoint your product.

As Britain’s best construction software for collaboration you’ll not be surprised that we’re big believes in mutual co-operation. It’s how we believe we achieve the best results – by working together.

We’re passionate about collaboration because it helps us to adapt and tailor your product to your needs as well as making overall improvements to it.

We were created as a tool which will make your lives easier, your jobs quicker, your projects better, and your clients happier.
But we need to understand your point of view.

You as our customers make the suggestions on how to improve Viewpoint, how to make it better, how to make it perform more functions, how to make it more user-friendly, how to make it quicker, easier and more intuitive to use.

We take this feedback and then determine how we should make the product better for you.

It is Viewpoint’s mission to end the rule of pen and paper on construction sites, to break down the barriers between contractors and clients, the barriers between designers and sub-contractors, to help all parties know what is happening on a project at all times, no matter where you are in the world. All parties working together as one.

We want to give you greater control over projects – to put all the project information in your hands.

But because Viewpoint is all about collaboration and working hand-in-hand to make things better we also ask you how to achieve it.

Viewpoint is all about you. And it always will be.

And don’t just take our word for it . . .

“Viewpoint has dramatically cut time and expense … somewhere in the region of £2 million savings. But in terms of time, it’s 30,000 man hours.” — Jon Pym, Area Construction Manager, EDF Energy Hinkley Point C

“There is a reason that 95% of the top 20 contractors use Viewpoint and that is because it is the best.” – Bryan Walker, Design Manager, Interserve

“Across the business, we all use Viewpoint. We use it for pre-construction, so before a job becomes live we look at concept design, all the way through to construction so when we’re delivering a project on site with our delivery team this is a common theme throughout the whole business and it also allows us to work in a common data environment particularly when we’re delivering projects and BIM Levels 1 and 2.” James Henderson, Senior Design Coordinator, Willmott Dixon

Posted by David Strom

David is the Web Content Specialist in the Marketing Communications department at Viewpoint Construction Software.