Even as technology and modern processes are changing the way contractors have traditionally done business, the construction industry as a whole is still trying to shake off a big productivity gap. The good news, though, is that more and more contractors are looking for ways to improve productivity with technology, and many are seeing quite a bit of success.

Construction organizations are relying on modern software for accounting, field management, project management, bid management, design and more. The not-so-good news is that many organizations adopt software at the project or regional level, so it often doesn’t connect the entire business. These subpar solutions might improve productivity in some ways, but hinder it in others. That’s why we believe in the importance of data and process integration across the extended project team. So how can a software solution improve productivity and collaboration across the entire project team, even people outside the organization? We’ve come up with a solution for that.

Meet Viewpoint Team, a collaborative, cloud-based and next generation platform that connects your back office, field operations and extended project teams (including suppliers, subcontractors, architects, engineers and owners). This solution, containing project management capabilities, integrates with both our Vista and Spectrum construction ERP platforms to connect the internal accounting and operations teams as well as the external project team — all while ensuring your teams are working from the same set of data.

Simplified Construction Project Management

Construction project managers have a lot to keep track of, and Viewpoint Team provides a needed toolset for planning, coordinating and exercising control over projects. Viewpoint Team makes daily construction processes easier for everyone involved:

  • Daily Logs — Team members on the jobsite can quickly capture project details, ensuring a complete record of work exists.
  • Submittals — Team includes a simplified, collaborative submittal process for issuing, reviewing and closing out submittals.
  • RFIs — Subcontractor questions are directed to the right person so they get quick answers.
  • Issues — Problems can be assigned, tracked and resolved fast.
  • Reporting — Job cost data is reported directly from Vista. Operational reporting is updated twice daily.
  • Operations dashboards — Curated action items are sortable and filterable. Those assigned to multiple projects get cross-project data and can drill down into project level dashboards.
  • Progress — Data visualizations communicate urgency to direct team members to help keep projects on schedule.
  • Document Management & Markup — Users can mark up PDFs for easy communication and collaboration.

Team’s straightforward processes yield many benefits including more streamlined workflows, increased transparency, greater control, reduced cycle times, lower risk and overall better collaboration. Team’s user-friendly dashboard with filter, sort and drill-down capabilities makes it easy to find and interpret information as well.

The  cloud storage available with Viewpoint Team also improves document management and collaboration. You can organize, share, secure and work together on project documents from anywhere, at any time. This gives your team real-time access to information — a big advantage for mitigating project risks and keeping work moving on jobsites.  

Construction project management software like Viewpoint Team improves collaboration.

With Viewpoint Team, everyone who needs to be in the loop on a project stays in the loop.

The Perfect Companion to Vista and Spectrum 

If you’re already using Viewpoint software, this project management solution will be a great addition to your set of tools, and you won’t have to worry about setting aside a lot of time to get things set up. Already integrated with  Vista and Spectrum, Viewpoint Team integrates with Viewpoint Estimating and Viewpoint’s field solutions, including Field Time and Field View. Team fills the gaps in your team’s communication and makes it easy to connect everyone working on your projects, including subcontractors and suppliers.

If you think an integrated project management solution might be right for your business, read more about Viewpoint Team. For a closer look at Viewpoint Team in action, watch our recent webinar to learn how other contractors have seen success with the software.

Posted by Andy Holtmann

Andy is Marketing Content & PR Manager at Viewpoint. He has worked in the construction software arena since 2011. Previously, he netted multiple awards as a newspaper and trade media editor.

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