Employee-Vendor Link for Expense Reimbursements – To provide more flexibility and improved tracking of expense reimbursements, Vista now has the ability to create a linked vendor record for an employee for their expense reimbursements. This was a highly requested feature in Suggestion Box.

Payroll Auto Overtime – To better and more easily handle cases where Union Craft workers may be subject to different Union and job daily overtime rules, Vista can now automatically apply appropriate pay rates based on which rules are in effect.

Variable Leave Accrual Rates by job – To make it easier for administrators to handle situations where an employee works on jobs with specific leave accrual requirements, such as Federal or State jobs, Vista can now accrue leave based on the job, in addition to having the ability to accrue leave based on a standard rate or an employee rate.

Accounts Receivable

Account Statement Emailing – To help contractors provide better service to their customers, Vista now provides the ability to email monthly account balance statements

Posted by Martin Baker

Martin is the Product Marketing Manager for office products at Viewpoint in Portland.