Material Sales

Auto Emailing of Invoices – To make the process of generating invoices faster and easier, Vista now has the ability to automatically email large groups of invoices. To effectively control the process, Vista enables the user to set various rules right from the quote.

Date Change on MS Ticket – To enable users to more easily correct errors or make updates, Vista now allows the month to be changed on a Material Sales ticket.


Purchase Order Auto Close – to reduce workload and speed processes, Vista now offers the option to automatically close a Purchase Order when that PO has been fully invoiced. This avoids the task of having to identify fully invoiced POs and manually close them.

Service Criteria for POs – To reduce clicks and enhance usability, criteria such as site or agreement status, have been added to the PO close form to enable users to close multiple POs at once.

Service Management

Auto Trip Scheduling – To streamline the trip scheduling process, Vista now provides an option during the setup of an agreement to allow trips to be automatically created when a work order is generated.

Work Order Bulk Close – To enhance efficiency, users can now search for WOs using a variety of criteria and then bulk close those Work Orders that meet the criteria. Previously, users had to close work orders one at a time.

Inactive Serviceable Items – Vista now has the ability to mark a piece of serviceable equipment as “inactive,” removing it from agreements and service task lists, but maintaining its service history.

Job Cost

Close a Single Job on a Contract – To enhance usability, in instances when a contract has multiple jobs, Vista now has the ability to close a job but keep the contract open and auto-allocate the associated costs.

Posted by Martin Baker

Martin is the Product Marketing Manager for office products at Viewpoint in Portland.