Why Viewpoint’s Collaborate 2018 Conference is a Must for Construction Executives

As a modern construction executive, we know you’ve got your hands full —leading your organizations through up and down economies, developing the company brand, staying on top of industry trends, controlling costs, winning new business and, of course, ensuring maximum return on investment for your capital expenses, including technologies and software.

That’s why we are dedicating an entire educational track just for you at this year’s Viewpoint Collaborate User Conference, Oct. 15-18 in Portland, Ore. Attend sessions taught by some of construction’s best in business valuation, succession planning, leadership and more to help you run a solid, profitable business where business thrives and the very best construction professionals want to work.

There will be a total of 38 sessions specific to construction executives who have teams using Viewpoint products. Hear the latest construction trends from industry experts, learn about the roadmap for future software developments and provide critical feedback, understand what steps your peers are taking to improve their organization’s productivity and profitability and much more. There will also be plenty of opportunities to make new connections and contacts in the industry. This track is designed to allow you — the executive — to come away prepared to get even more value out of your software, while getting the important data you need to make informed decisions for our company.

To provide just a glimpse into the content you can expect, here is a sample of some of the sessions you can look forward to attending:

Leadership is Everyone’s Business

Today’s business environment creates many challenges for the construction financial manager. The complexity of managing and motivating team members to achieve projects and deadlines requires your ability to apply proven leadership principles, best practices and techniques. Participants in this session will learn the tools to achieve success through specific construction based situations and examples. We’ll cover gaining buy-in, trust and accountability, motivating the team, effective communication, staffing dynamics and more.

CFO 2.0: How the Finance Function is Changing in the Digital Age

As the nerve center of every business, the finance function exists to support key processes, from IT to accounting and treasury, while overseeing the selection of automation solutions to scale efficiently. But the modern CFO’s role is shifting cross-functionally to support creative departments like sales and marketing. Learn how the CFO’s data acumen can help establish a true north for creative departments and source more accurate KPIs for measuring performance.

Viewpoint and Spectrum Beyond the First Year: A Discussion with Viewpoint Executives:

More than a year has passed since Viewpoint’s acquisition of Dexter + Chaney, and our development teams are excited for the future of Spectrum. We continue to add key features and functionality to Spectrum to help clients succeed, as well as integrate with other Viewpoint solutions. Learn what’s ahead for Spectrum in this product roadmap discussion with our leadership team.

Show Me the ROI: Software Evaluations in the A/E/C Markets

Get the most from your software investments. We’ll walk through the leading types of software & digital tools prominently used today within the A/E/C verticals, how they are expected to work and how they often work in practice — not always the same thing. Our discussion will use real use cases to outline expected software outcomes, as well as best practices to ensure maximum ROI in both usage and adoption.

Implementing Process-Driven Profitability: What You Need to Hear

Process changes are hard — but often the hardest things can reap the biggest impact. In this session, we’ll illustrate the value of workflow documentation and provide examples of how best-in-class contractors develop and document standardize workflow. We’ll also demonstrate how to leverage technology in the deployment of standardized process and procedure that creates consistency and predictable results. And finally, we’ll describe the keys to successfully operationalizing processes including staff training and metrics that provide visibility on compliance and the bottom line impact.

So Much More

Click here to view the complete list of sessions for construction executives. We look forward to seeing you there!

Not a construction executive? We still have great content for you! Check out our other roles we are offering tracks for by visiting: http://collaborate.viewpoint.com/tracks/.

Posted by Samantha Biever

Samantha grew up visiting her dad on job sites, which sparked her initial interest in construction. After graduating with honors from George Fox University, she pursued this interest by becoming the Marketing Specialist at Viewpoint where she enjoys being part of a team that is transforming the construction industry.