Guest post by John Adams, Product Manager for BIM at Viewpoint

It was announced last week that in addition to EVERY central government department being able produce an EIR and being unable to procure any project team that cannot prove they can deliver the level 2 data requirements from April 4th 2016, that by 3 October 2016, all centrally funded departments will need to have “the capability to electronically validate BIM information delivered from the supply chain” and will also need to be “making progressively more use of supply chain data for key business activities” by this date.

You can read more about the data validation deadline here.

The newest version of Viewpoint For Projects was released on October 10th and you’re invited to learn about changes to the product and how they benefit you. Viewpoint For Projects is a collaborative project management solution that integrates the entire project team – owners, architects, construction managers, engineers, and subcontractors – to facilitate a truly collaborative building effort.

The suite includes Document Control, Project Communications, BIM, and mobile field capabilities that automate and better control the construction management process to help ensure the right information reaches the right people at the right time.

Last week, Ben Wallbank took an in depth look at The EIR/BEP Tool available within Viewpoint For Projects. This week John Adams, Product Manager for BIM at Viewpoint, takes a closer look at the Information Planner’s Document Checker:

As the construction industry moves to Level 2 BIM in time for the 2016 mandate, one of the key deliverables is often lost amongst the noise about 3D models and COBie data; the humble document…

There may be a time when documents become less relevant to the smooth delivery and handover of construction projects, but we aren’t there yet. It could be argued that correctly named documents delivered in a coordinated and timely fashion will be one of the great efficiencies and successes of fully implementing PAS1192 workflows and Master Information Delivery Plans on projects.

With this in mind we have built a document checker feature into the Information Planner area of the Viewpoint For Projects BIM Manager module. This enables the planned delivery of documents by each role and for each information exchange to be checked by the Information Manager. This ensures the required information is being built up as planned, so that as decisions must be made the required information is in the right place at the right time.

For example, if you know the architect needs to provide a designers risk assessment, a general arrangement drawing, and feasibility model that are all named in accordance with BS1192:2007 conventions, then you simply add these items to the correct stage in the Information Planner and watch for the green ticks noting they’ve been uploaded to the right location in Viewpoint For Projects.

This Viewpoint For Projects screen shot demonstrates that only one of the prescribed documents has been delivered to the right place with the right name – signified by the green tick

The screen shot above from Viewpoint For Projects demonstrates that only one of the prescribed documents has been delivered to the right place with the right name – signified by the green tick.

It’s all quite simple and a long way from the Hollywood BIM of visualisation and lasers; but how often have you had to chase documents or hunt them down only to find they have a name you weren’t expecting and had not been put where you wanted? Viewpoint can help.

Posted by Ben Wallbank

Ben Wallbank is a Sales Engineer at Viewpoint Construction Software.